2018 Sophie’s Retreats/courses

For information about the Day courses click here

October 12 – 14 Women’s Nei Gong Retreat Bonhays  Click here for more information Fully booked

December 7 – 9 Nei Gong Foundations Retreat Bonhays Details here to book


January 18 – 20 Nei Gong For New comers –  ‘Wuji and the Kua’ Bonhays Details here to book

March 16 – 22  Nei Gong and Meditation Retreat Bonhays – Details to follow. Email for more information Only non-residential spaces left

April 26 – 28  Nei Gong Retreat – ‘Understanding Dao Yin’. Bonhays Details to follow

May 15 – 19  Women’s Nei Gong Retreat Bonhays  Limited spaces left

July 26 – 28  Nei Gong Retreat- ‘Hunyuan Qi Gong’ Bonhays Details to Follow

September 20 – 22  Nei Gong Retreat  – ‘Dragon Dao Yin’ Bonhays Details to follow

October 18 – 20  Nei Gong Retreat- ‘Wu Xing and Yang Shen Fa’ Bonhays Details to follow

November 8 – 12  Nei Gong Retreat- ‘Sound and Sitting’  Details to follow

December 6 – 8  Nei Gong Retreat – ‘Dan Tian and Ji Ben Qi Gong.’  Bonhays 


If you are completely new to the school we would recommend you attend a newcomers course first or speak to one of us 🙂

We appreciate that many people have done a great deal of training with other schools but to really gain the most out of a Level 1 course here or with Damo/LNG establishing the way we work with a Foundations course, either here or with another LNG senior, would be the most efficient way to progress.

This page here gives all the information you need on venue, timetable, and pricing.  Below is a video of a group after a long weekend’s training, doing wonderfully, showing the Awakening Dragon Dao Yin, the first of four movements from the Dragon Dao Yin set.






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