Wuji and the Kua

Through out this course we will work systematically and in great detail with the correct alighnments for Wuji, the core standing practice for the foundation stages of the Nei Gong process.  Generally it takes us around 3/5 years to fully understand and ‘release’ into Wuji.

This amount of time is due to the way the posture gradually completely restructures the entire body to become the workshop we need for the Nei Gong process.  The muscles must ‘hang’ the skeleton line up in a very precise way for the internal channels to open and flow.

Without finding the Kua and understanding how to move correctly from this part of the body, the entirety of the Nei Gong process will be impossible. Spending considerable time in the first years of practice working with the Kua in various ways is an invaluable foundation to lay down, giving the practitioner access to the deeper aspects of the journey.

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