Women’s Nei Gong Weekend

women's nei gong.jpg

2nd – 4th October
These days will allow us to explore many of the women specific practices of the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus.  These practices are important for women alongside, not instead of, our regular level 1 syllabus.
We will cover work with the moon, spine, theory specific to women,(covering for eg Jing, menstruation, the importance of the blood) and exercises to open and nourish the heart. This course will happen over Zoom.


Friday 2nd

5 – 8 pm        Training

Saturday 3rd

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training and sit

7-9.30pm         Training

Sunday 4th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm     Training and finishing Q&A

Cost   £90

TO BOOK click here

Concessions available (only 25% of total participants on concessions) – only apply in absolute need please

For more information on feminine practices click here

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