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We will have 4½ days to explore in some depth the mantra and single syllable sound work from the Official Lotus Nei Gong syllabus. We will be using a combination of Jing Gong (standing postures) and sound work to awaken various energetic areas of the body – to open and initiate internal vibration along various pathways.  Alongside this we will utilise various exercises to support the opening and release through the spine so that the ‘stirring’ aspect of the sound work can clear out.

Working with Mantra, alongside our regular Nei Gong practice, can be hugely effective. Not only for the release of compressed expression issues, but to lead us into deeper states of meditation and consciousness.

I have included these days in our schedule for two reasons: firstly, because sound work in a group is a far more efficacious thing, and secondly because many of you have told me that because of where you live you rarely get an opportunity to practice. So here goes! We will finish on the 12th with a Full Moon Ceremony.

This retreat is not appropriate for complete newcomers to Nei Gong; it runs over 4½ days and the nature of working with sound, standing and sitting is deep and powerful. When you have become a little familiar with the way we work in the school, I hope it will be of benefit.


March 5th – 10th 2020.

Arrive for start at 5pm on Thursday 5th. The retreat will conclude with a Full Moon Ceremony and chant on the night of Monday 9th, but included in the price is accommodation for that night and breakfast the following morning so people may easily make their way home on Tuesday 10th

What is included in your retreat:

  • Use of heated, low-chemical indoor pool – helpful for releasing the joints/aches
  • Own room in the retreat centre, all linen & towels supplied (if residential)
  • High quality vegetarian, local, mostly organic food; most diets catered for (just ask); snacks, teas, fruit, etc. included
  • Zafus, cushions, blankets & bolsters for sitting practice provided
  • More information on the venue here


£465 Residential with meals (linen & towels provided)

£395 Shared with Meals (linen & towels provided)

£360 Non-residential with meals

£200 Non-residential without meals

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Concessions available (only 25% of total participants on concessions) – only apply in absolute need please

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