Opening the Channels


After the foundation stages have been laid down we need need to cultivate the inside of the body to be in alignment with the development of the energy work. In Lotus Nei Gong we have various methods to assist this process which we will be exploring in some detail during this retreat. This will enable you to progress your training at what ever stage you are to condition the body in the precise way necessary to open the channels.

Using the principles of the Yi Jin Jing with various Standing and Sitting postures, the Wu Dao Yin, and Qi Gong to regulate the body after the opening practices.

Sittting practice as always here at Bonhays will form a fairly large part of this retreat as will simple stretching routines to assist the process.

This retreat will be held over Zoom.


Friday 17th

5 – 8 pm        Training

Saturday 18th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training and sit

7-9.30pm         Training

19 July

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm     Training and finishing Q&A




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