Nei Gong Retreats

During these three kveot5zipzan4hk_sn3e6ouo66lap0yqbpp7s7nah_8days we will cover aspects of  the Level one Nei Gong syllabus as taught by Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong.  Each retreat will have a focus upon one of the following foundation sets amongst focusing where the students present most need.

Sung and Ting, Ji Ben Qi Gong,Wu Dao Yin,Wu Xing Qi Gong, Jing Gong Practice, Hunyuan Qi Gong, Dragon Dao Yin

For more general information about these sets click here  Please remember these are the tools of the process not the process it self!

We will include body conditioning, clearing and purging the system of physical and emotional stagnation, beginning to understand Sung, theory to align the awareness and direct transmission to awaken to continue the Nei Gong process.If you haven’t trained with either Lotus Nei Gong or Sophie before please read this and speak to Sophie before booking.These are the methods classically required in Daoist schools to assist the student in entering into this transformative process, without one of these ingredients the students progress will be inhibited or even halted. This is the method taught by Lotus Nei Gong, the school for which Sophie is a senior teacher.

What is included in your Retreat

  • 25 hours (approx) of training including sitting practice, Nei Gong, forms, body conditioning, lectures, Q&A sessions, women’s sessions and environmental training.
  • Use of warm low chemical indoor pool, helpful for releasing the joints/aches
  • Own room in the retreat center, all linen/towels supplied.
  • High quality vegetarian, local (grown or made by our chef) mostly organic food, all diets catered for, snacks, teas, fruit, oatcakes etc included.
  • Zafu’s. blankets, bolsters for sitting practice provided.

Typical schedule of training:-


  • 3-5pm  Arrive, settle in
  • 5-8pm  Training
  • 8pm       Dinner


  • 7am – 7.45 Wake up stretch practice before sitting
  • 7.45 – 8.45 Meditation
  • 8.45 – 10     Breakfast
  • 10 – 1pm     Training
  • 1-3pm          Lunch, swim, rest, personal training
  • 3-6pm         Training
  • 7pm              Dinner
  • 8.30pm        Womens practice


  • 7am – 7.45   Wake up stretch practice before sitting
  • 7.45 – 8.45   Meditation
  • 8.45 – 10am Breakfast
  • 10 – 1pm       Training
  • 1- 2.30           Lunch
  • 2.30 – 4pm  Training and finishing up


£320 Fully residential fee. Training, accommodation/linen and towels, all meals, pool, and snacks.    

£220 Non residential with training, meals, pool and snacks.

£125 Non residential with training, pool and teas. No meals.

TO BOOK click here

Concession fee (only 25% of total participants on concessions)  £220 only apply in absolute need please.

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