Hunyuan Qi Gong

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The Hunyuan Qi Gong set we work with in the school moves a practitioner deeply into the interior of their training, into working directly with the Dan Tian and bringing the practitioner into a state of deeper and deeper internal listening and release. This skill is vital to develop if a person wishes to move beyond the surface levels of their training.

The Hunyuan lead a practitioner into the congenital meridian system, creating the means for deeper alchemical work, and providing the means to access the huang aspect of the interior of the body.

This retreat is not for people brand new to the school. Tt will not be helpful to start your Nei Gong journey here, but for those of you who have covered the absolute foundations (Wuji, Kua, Dan Tian) this course will be fine. We will aim to work through the most important exercises from this set, and cover some of the theory to help you understand what you’re doing.  It is a good time of year to work on these exercises… hopefully it won’t be freezing!

If you have a chronic health condition please contact us for advice before applying. The alchemical nature of this exercise set make it not particularly suitable if there are strong physical imbalances – if you feel this may apply to you, please check with us.


26 – 28 July 2019

What is included in your retreat:

  • 16 hours (approx.) of training including sitting practice, Nei Gong, forms, body conditioning, lectures, Q&A sessions, women’s sessions and environmental training
  • Use of heated, low-chemical indoor pool – helpful for releasing the joints/aches
  • Own room in the retreat centre, all linen & towels supplied (if residential)
  • High quality vegetarian, local, mostly organic food; most diets catered for (just ask); snacks, teas, fruit, etc. included
  • Zafus, cushions, blankets & bolsters for sitting practice provided
  • More information on the venue here

Typical schedule of training:


  • 3-5pm          Arrive & settle in
  • 5-8pm          Training
  • 8pm             Dinner


  • 7–8am        Stretch & meditation
  • 8–10am      Breakfast
  • 10–1pm      Training
  • 1-3pm         Lunch, swim, rest, personal training
  • 3-6pm         Training
  • 7pm            Dinner
  • 8.30pm       Evening practice


  • 7–8am       Stretch & meditation
  • 8–10am     Breakfast
  • 10–1pm     Training
  • 1-2.30pm   Lunch
  • 2.30–4pm  Training & finishing up


£320 Residential with meals (linen & towels provided)

£220 Non-residential with meals

£125 Non-residential without meals

To confirm your booking please pay a deposit of £160 (non returnable)

TO BOOK click here

Concession fee (only 25% of total participants on concessions)  £220 – only apply in absolute need please

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