Entering Stillness

These four days we will focus on sitting practice as we drop into this time of the year. The course covers a full moon on Friday night so we will be mindful of this with the practices. Giving yourself these days to deepen your meditation practice I would suggest minimising outside busyness to make the most of this training. I appreciate we are still on Zoom so not so easy to retreat but just creating as much space as you can to quieten.


Thursday 18th November

5 – 8 pm        Training

Friday 19th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training and sit

7-9.30pm         Training

Saturday 20th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training

Sunday 21st

6.30-8am Sit

10 – 1 Training and finishing up

Cost  £130

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