Deepening practice


This weekend is to reconnect, reinvigorate your training and continue developing the work with the Dan Tian, the Jing Jin and sitting practice. The course will be fine for both newcomers to the school and those who have trained a while as the material covered is easily adaptable for different levels of training.

Covered on the course will be:

  • Work on refining reverse breathing, Dan Tian Gong
  • Ji Ben Qi Gong with principles relevant to the group present
  • Theory
  • Sitting practice


Friday 24th

5 – 8 pm        Training

Saturday 25th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training and sit

7-9.30pm         Training

Sunday 26th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training and finishing up

Cost  £95

TO BOOK click here

OR email Alice

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