Feng Shui and Self Cultivation

Saturday 06 August, 2022, Bonhays 10 – 5pm

With Ryan Terren* and Sophie Johnson

For cultivators of Internal Arts such as Nei Gong – or indeed any form of inner work –  it can be highly beneficial to understand more about Feng Shui

Feng Shui (meaning Wind and Water) is the ancient Chinese art of integrating people, with place, with the present time. One of its core principles is that the internal environment (mind, energy body, physical health)  and the external one (buildings, landscapes, cosmos), embody and reflect each other in turn. With a process such as Nei Gong, our intuitive awareness of this key relationship will become more sensitive, and so it can be helpful to root this in a practical understanding of the underlying mechanics. Furthermore, by discovering another facet of the classical wisdom arts of which Nei Gong is a part, we can enrich our engagement with the practice  – as well as learn to make practical improvements to our home and training spaces.

This day-long workshop will introduce some of the fundamental concepts of Feng Shui, with a particular focus on the connection to the Nei Gong process. The day will be a mix of theory and Nei Gong practice, so that we can explore some of the principles experientially. Weather permitting, we may also be able to do a short Feng Shui tour of the local area. 

*In case you don’t me, my name is Ryan Terren and I have been studying Feng Shui for several years. I have an emerging professional consultancy based in Dorset and London (www.lifehousefengshui.com), covering Feng Shui and Ba Zi. This all follows a life-long inquiry, which, via a degree in Geography specialising in the psychology of space, has – thanks to Nei Gong and the teachings of Sophie and Damo – eventually anchored itself in Chinese metaphysics. Its a great pleasure to be part of this introductory workshop at Bonhays!

TO BOOK Email Danielle bonhays.calendar@gmail.com £80 for the day in a hall and land (!) near Bonhays. Please bring a lunch with you.

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