Environmental Practice and Building Qi

12 – 16 May 2022

There are many ways in which to harmonise our bodies Qi with that of the environment to support our practice. We can practice, for example, with water, trees, fire, and the energy which runs through the land itself. In this retreat we will aim to spend as much time as possible outside utilising the wonderful natural environments we have surrounding Bonhays.

At a certain stage this harmonising is hugely beneficial to the body and mind, creating the opportunity for less effort, as the environment, when we understand how to play with it, does some of the work for us. Learning some of these practices and understanding the effect of different environmental bodies will be the focus of these days.

What is included in your retreat:

  • Training including sitting practice, Nei Gong, forms, body conditioning, lectures, and Q&A sessions.
  • Use of heated, low-chemical indoor pool – helpful for releasing the joints/aches
  • Own room in the retreat centre, all linen & towels supplied (if residential) if you prefer to share let us know as it changes the price.
  • High quality vegetarian, local, mostly organic food; most diets catered for (just ask); snacks, teas, fruit, etc. included
  • Zafus, cushions, blankets & bolsters for sitting practice provided
  • More information on the venue here

Schedule of training:

Thursday 12th

  • 3-5pm          Arrive & settle in
  • 5-8pm          Training
  • 8pm             Dinner

Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th

  • 7–8am        Stretch & meditation
  • 8–10am      Breakfast
  • 10–1pm      Training
  • 1-3pm         Lunch, swim, rest, personal training
  • 3-6pm         Training
  • 7pm            Dinner
  • 8.30pm       Evening practice (sometimes this will happen sometimes not, depends on energy levels)

Monday 16th

  • 7–8am       Stretch & meditation
  • 8–10am     Breakfast
  • 10–1pm     Training and finishing up.
  •  Lunch will be provided on this day


£ Residential with all meals/snacks/pool/training (linen & towels provided)

£ Non-residential with meals

£ Non-residential without meals

To confirm your booking please pay a deposit of £200 (non returnable unless we cancel due to Covid)

TO BOOK click here 

Concession fee (only 25% of total participants on concessions)  £ – only apply in absolute need pleasebut do apply if your stuck!

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