Dragon Dao Yin

JUNE 25,26,27 2021

The Dragon Dao Yin are one of the most loved and effective of the training sets in Lotus Nei Gong. They are a set of four short forms designed to stretch and squeeze the spine in such a manner that pathogens are expelled from the body. This has a powerful healing effect on the entire body and mind, whilst creating space in the soft tissues to open up the congenital channels that run through the torso. A meditators friend, the Dragons never fail to bring vitality and sparkle to our practice and body.

For this retreat I would request that you know the choreography of the dragons, in a basic way is fine, then we can use our time throughout the 3 days spending time on beneficial repetitions and training principles rather than just steps!

After these days your body will feel very much more open and full of vitality.

DETAILS This retreat will run over Zoom

Friday 25th

5 – 8 pm        Training

Saturday 26th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm Training

7-9.30pm   Training

Sunday 27th

6.30-8am    Sit

10am-1pm     Training and finishing Q&A

COST £90

TO BOOK :- email bonhays.calendar@gmail.com

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