Lotus Nei Gong Cork

Daoist Nei Gong in Cork

Daoist Nei Gong Programme

NEXT COURSE 14 – 16 February 2020

We will continue with the exploration of this wonderful art, relevant to all of you who were there for November and welcome to those who want to come and explore!

Price Euros 250

Venue: Bru Columbanus, Cardinal Way, Wilton, Cork. P12 TN97

Nei Going is s transformational process of change initiated within the forms of QI Gong.  We use a variety of tools to awaken, circulate, and build the Qi of the body. Students are systematically led through this process in order to facilitate profound internal change.  We will be working through the level one syllabus of Lotus Nei Gong International as developed and taught by Damo Mitchell. More about Lotus Nei Gong here.

We will cover on the first weekend:-
* Introduction to the philosophical basis of Nei Gong .
* Building the Qi Gong body – the importance of bodywork.
* Jing Gong – Standing postures to clear and open the channels.

This will be the first structured year long training in Ireland by one of Lotus Nei Gong’s Senior Nei Gong teachers Sophie Johnson.  The 2020 programme will have four sessions, three 3 day events and one longer retreat to complete the year. Students will be given materials and practices to study throughout the year, which to gain the most from the training you will be expected to complete. 

This training is for everyone although many Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (CM) practitioners feel that while their formative training was sufficient academically, they do not feel adequately skilled in the energetic art of Acupuncture. Learning to work with the energetics of your own body first, and subsequently those of your patients, requires a level of practice, development and skill that cannot be learned from books. This training will help CM practitioners awaken a more profound and tangible experience of energetic work and deepen their practitionership through the art of Neigong. 

Nei Gong will :- 
* Improve your health, energy levels and efficiency of mind and body.
* Give you a toolset, that with regular practice, will access, clear and open up your energy system. 
* Prepare the person for deeper energetic work if wished.
* Practical methods for starting the process of accessing the Qi. 

Sophie Johnson is a Senior, inner door teacher for Lotus Nei Gong International with 30 years teaching experience. She owns and directs Bonhays Meditation Centre, is a mother of three, and continues to study Nei Gong, Nei Dan and Chinese Medicine.  More about Sophie here

2020 training schedule for 3 year programme – further details TBC subject to numbers of confirmed participants

  • Feb 14 – 16
  • May 1 – 3
  • Sept 25 – 27
  • Five-day retreat – TBC

Please read https://sophieneigong.com/2016/02/06/the-importance-of/ before booking.

To Book email freyasherlock@gmail.com or call +353 (0) 86 127348

CLICK HERE for the resources for the course

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