Feminine Practice


Within Lotus Nei Gongs syllabus we have a number of practices that acknowledge the way a woman needs to train in the internal arts. These practices are an important addition for women upon their Nei Gong journey not a way in itself.  We have found as a school that sometimes there is some misunderstanding about this, probably because women are so hungry for some genuine spiritual guidance relevant to them!

To draw the most from the women’s work we would recommend laying down some of the foundations of the system, alignments, kua, awakening and clearing out the energy body and then exploring the womens work as an invaluable part of a womans training.

The foundations of the feminine way include

  • Aligning with the lunar energies and cycles. An aspect of Shen Gong which helps us to integrate the Yin energies of the moon into our system, aligning the menstrual cycle to the new moon and connecting the post menopause woman even more deeply to her inherent capacity for environmental connection and stillness.
  • Health aspects for women. Nourishing, massaging the breasts, understanding, respecting the menstrual cycle. Diet/emotions/differing movement of ‘Jing” essence in the female body.
  • Sound work.  Women benefit greatly from working with sound. This is because sometimes there has been some effects on a woman’s expression due to societal/political pressures  and this helps to open up her expression, and also because of the inherent centripedal aspect of a woman’s energy body, the nature of internal vibration work is usually accessible to women earlier on in their journey.
  • Qi Gong exercises to open and nourish the heart. Opening and allowing the energetic movement of spreading/expanding from this area of the body is vital for women. When balanced with enough strength and ‘anchoring’ in the Lower Dan Tien, working with the heart brings a woman into far better means to manage her emotions and begin to access the stillness that resides deep within her.

For more information about all of these aspects and a link to Roni Edlunds school please click here.

Women’s retreats at Bonhays click here.

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