Nei Gong


Nei Gong is a transformative system of alchemical energy work; working with the body, breath and mind to awaken spontaneity, change and deeper self expression. 

To initiate and support this process we use a variety of tools.  Bodywork and conditioning, theory, meditation, Qi Gong and its forms, Dao Yin (guiding and leading) and transmission  are used to facilitate this journey. Sophie teaches the process of Nei Gong she has studied with her teacher Damo Mitchell in a systematic and classical way.  Sophie is a Senior Teacher for Lotus Nei Gong and aims to pass the teaching and transmission she has been so blessed to receive, onto her students in the clearest way possible. It is something she feels deeply about, it has profoundly deepened her spiritual journey and as such she sees it as a great treasure and privilege to be able to pass it on.

The fundamentals of the Nei Gong process involve working diligently with the physical body, regulating the breath, awakening the energy body, and purging toxins from the mind and body. The body needs be to opened and conditioned to allow the increase in energy to pass through efficiently once the energy body has been awakened.  The breath must be regulated to soften the rhythm of movement of Qi through the system, and increasingly tensions in the mind and heart need to be shed. To d670a00d6faf642a2bd5c95de7570cd1ao this we use stretching, standing postures, breath-work, Dao Yin (leading and guiding) forms, and foundation Qi Gong forms to balance the Jing Luo (acquired meridian systems).  Great attention is given in classes and retreats to these fundamentals, which are often overlooked.  Learning to stand with correct alignments, the attention to the physical body, understanding  and applying the process of Sung (systematic release of tension physically, energetically and spiritually) and purging of stagnation from the system.

After these vital foundations have been established there are practices specific to women, connecting to the breasts, uterus and working a little earlier with the heart.

Nei Gong is best suited for those adventurous in spirit, with a capacity for discipline, looking for internal transformation, and spiritual development.  The signs of progression initially manifest in the body similar to the Kriya’s in Yoga.  There is no need to wonder if energy is moving, the signs are perfectly clear!  We train seriously but have a lot of fun in our classes and retreats, everyone soon learns to not take themselves to seriously as we are all learning and releasing nonsense together!

Disclaimer or Who should not train Nei Gong?

Being a classical process it is at times very strong.  It is best started with to those with reasonably good health. If you are specifically looking for Qi Gong to only address a health condition there are many other schools that will be more suitable.  It is not appropriate for pregnant women (or if you think you may be pregnant), the under 18’s, or anyone with serious mental health challenges or on, or have recently been taking medication for mental health issues. If unsure contact us so we can speak to you about the relevance of the training for you.

Lastly we reserve the right to ask any student to leave the training immediately if we deem the training to be unsuitable for them, or a risk to their well-being.

For a recent article Sophie wrote about Nei Gong and the newsletter for her Retreat centre click here.

If new to training with Sophie…Please read this before booking! click here

Nei Gong Classes                       Nei Gong Retreats

Recommended resources include:-

Daoist Nei Gong by Damo Mitchell and other titles written by Damo including:-

Daoist Nei Gong for Women by Damo Mitchell and Roni Edlund (Sophie wrote the forward for this)

Lotus Nei Gong website. The website of Damo Mitchell and the school Sophie teaches for. This page has some comprehensive information about Nei Gong written by Damo.

The Four Dragons  by Damo Mitchell.  Useful reference on the Dragon Dao Yins

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